MMC provides cutting-edge Information Technology Services (“IT Services”) for its clients, who range from FORTUNE 500 companies and the U.S. Government to educational institutions and not-for-profits. MMC’s software engineers, database administrators, programmers, systems architects, and project managers are leading the way in utilizing advanced technologies to create efficient and effective solutions to accomplish the business goals of its clients.

MMC is composed of some of the nation’s most talented software engineers with extensive backgrounds and skills, including advanced JAVA/J2EE and Ruby on Rails programming capabilities. MMC has created world-class solutions that allow clients to get what they need from their technology – on time and under budget. MMC not only delivers a solution for its clients needs, MMC IT Services works with its clients to find the right solution, develops a game plan for performance, executes successful completion of the task, and assures client satisfaction. MMC understands that every organization needs to maximize its Return on Investment (ROI) of its technology expenditures. MMC uses its superior project management, excellent skill, and superior creativity to provide the greatest possible ROI for any project. MMC also helps its clients track a project’s performance and document its success.

MMC IT Services is at the forefront of providing its clients with the most innovative programming techniques to constantly reduce the cost and time and increase the utility of software development projects. Utilizing Ruby on Rails technology, MMC has implemented agile software development techniques in its engagements. Using an iterative approach and team strategy, agile development can dramatically reduce the time it takes to create amazingly comprehensive software solutions.

Agile development breaks a project free from the lengthy development cycles and restrictive information silos of the traditional waterfall model of software creation.


These solutions also leverage the benefits of Web 2.0 to maximize the functionality of these new software products and applications. The power of the Internet and web-based techniques have revolutionized the deployment of technology. MMC IT Services expertly integrates Web 2.0 technology into its solutions.

MMC IT Services also excels at developing and utilizing collaborative communication platforms. The use of interactive sites, wikis, and other tools significantly increases the ability of project teams and entire organizations to work together and share knowledge across a group or an enterprise. MMC IT Services not only uses these platforms in the development process, it also has extensive experience in rolling out these tools through organizations.